lørdag 31. mars 2012


I wish you all a great easter holiday.

All picture: Source pinterest

tirsdag 27. mars 2012


Foto by Lina Haveland

Wedding flowers
design by Astrid Opdal(Work for Solund Blomst Da)
Foto by Lina Haveland

paper animal

Animals made of paper.

Picture from www.heartit.com.

mandag 26. mars 2012

My painting

I love to work with flowers, but i also love
to paint. Here is one of my painting and how i do it.

The finish picture
Design by Astrid Opdal

søndag 25. mars 2012

The International waffel day

To day it was the international waffel day.
I hope you enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

Salix a sign of spring

Foto by Lina Haveland

Desing by Astrid Opdal
Foto by Lina Haveland
Design by Astrid Opdal
Foto by Lina Haveland

lørdag 24. mars 2012

Fun with cement

Today i tried some fun with cement, it was fun. Now it,s drying
and i am waiting for the results in few days.

Some inspiration with cement
Design: Ukjent

fredag 23. mars 2012

onsdag 21. mars 2012

søndag 18. mars 2012



                            foto by Lina Haveland