mandag 28. oktober 2013

Memory of summer..

A beautiful necklace with a memory of summer....... dandelion ...

tirsdag 22. oktober 2013

Fun with building blocks...

Here are some ideas to get creative with building blocks,
Have fun.....

mandag 21. oktober 2013

Toneflower in Bergen..

Toneflower had a wonderful able of the interiør exibition in Grieghallen,
 18-20 october 2013 in Bergen.
A wonderful and inspierende weekend.



fredag 11. oktober 2013

Home made...

These dishes i made ​​from air-dry clay .... After they are dry, I painted those with copper paint ....
Photo: Astrid Opdal

tirsdag 1. oktober 2013

"Be proud"

Here is one of the last picture i have painted. Picture is titled "be proud".
It is importan to be proud of themselves and who they are, then it also easier to
be themselves.
Enjoy the painting.....