onsdag 30. mai 2012

Art with wood.

I was in Bergen yesterday, and there was Bergen International wood Festival 2012.
Many buildig of wood , it was fantastic...-..enjoy.......
Photo: Astrid Opdal

tirsdag 29. mai 2012



Decoration with white roses design by: Astrid Opdal
                                              Photo: Astrid Opdal

fredag 25. mai 2012

The beauty around us......

In the nature we have the beauty around us, here is some of it. Take the time, and look around you.Enjoy.........
Photo: Lina Haveland

søndag 20. mai 2012

torsdag 17. mai 2012

Wedding with a touch of pink

 Wedding with the touch of pink.

 Photo: Pinterest

 Beautiful wedding flowers of Tone flower in Bergen.
Design by Rita Areklett
(Flowers:Cala, Phalanopsis.)
Photo: Astrid Opdal

Bride maids flower, design by Rita Areklett.
Photo: Astrid Opdal

søndag 13. mai 2012


Visit my daughters Tumblr. It is a site full of magic inspiration and delightful pictures.
Here is the link; LINSPO Hope you like it, enjoy! 

Just a small sneak peak; 

lørdag 12. mai 2012

Wedding flowers of Tone Flowers in Bergen

Photo: www.pinterest

Gorgeous flower :Tone flower in Bergen.
Designed by Rita Areklett.
(Roses, orchide phalanopsis, Ceropegia.)
Photho: Astrid Opdal
Flower to a litle bridesmaids.
Tone Flower in Bergen
Design by Rita Areklett.
Photo: Astrid Opdal

Photo: Astrid Opdal

tirsdag 8. mai 2012

Wanda orchide

Wanda orchide blue, is a amacing flower.
Photo: www. Google.no.

Confirmation decoration to a girl, made with blue wanda.
Made by: Astrid opdal

søndag 6. mai 2012

confirmation to a girl

Flower decoration to a girl confirmation.( made by Astrid Opdal)
With peon, ranuncle .

Photo: Astrid Opdal